Chronically ill finances. Get it? Our finances are chronically ill and I have a chronic illness. It has a double meaning. Get it? No?

My husband didn’t either. When I was debating buying a domain name versus using the free WordPress one, he not-so-subtly told me that it didn’t matter because no one would be buying that domain name anytime soon. Oh well; I like it anyway. And I have a vision of this really cool photo of my numerous orange medicine bottles to use as my banner, but it may take a while until I stop being a crap photographer.

So, about this blog: it’s going to be about personal finance, one of my true passions in life. Particularly the intersection of personal finance and chronic illness because that’s the intersection I find myself at on an almost daily basis. I have a host of medical problems — ranging from fibromyalgia to spinal arthritis — that make it difficult, if not impossible, to get a “real job.” It’s not entirely clear to me whether I would have chosen this particular “alternative lifestyle” if my health had been different, but I’m certainly not sorry about it. It feels like a grand adventure to me and I’m more than a little bit stunned that I found a husband and daughter that were happy to join me (though admittedly, the two-year-old didn’t have much of a choice).

If you want to know about me personally, you’re in luck because the internet is teeming with information. (I think I’m what you call an over-sharer.) You can catch glimpses of me at my husband’s daddy blog and the full monty at my personal blog.


2 responses to “About

  1. Elizabeth

    I did get the double meaning and am excited for the new blog. I’m sure you have an educated rationale for snubbing Blogger and Google’s AdSense while embracing WordPress, although I am curious as to why that marginal source of income isn’t tempting. Best wishes!

    • llcall

      Now I feel really bad that I don’t have an educated rationale for snubbing Blogger… It was mostly just familiarity, since I started on WordPress years ago before I even really understood what blogging was, I started up this one with WordPress too. Honestly, though my ambivalence about blogging for money could be a whole other post…maybe it will be.

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